At Sung Lee TaeKwonDo Academy, we focus on enhancing physical and mental conditioning through the development of self-confidence, respect for others, character building, leadership skills and self-discipline. Children in turn improve their ability to concentrate and focus on setting goals and working towards achieving them. This in turn helps children in school.

The Good Citizenship Award Program, Outstanding Reports Program and the HWARANG Team help to reinforce discipline, respect, good listening, obedience and focus at school and at home. At Sung Lee TaeKwonDo Academy we work towards reducing negative attitudes and bad habits through praise and encouragement and positive reinforcement. All of the instructors and have been personally trained by Grandmaster Sung Lee. Instructors and assistant instructors are required to complete several levels of instructor training. The instructors at Sung Lee TaeKwonDo Academy have a high level of technical skills as well as the ability to relate well to all children. We work with children of all ages and understand that younger children have shorter attentions spans.

Their growth physically, mentally and spiritually is extremely important to us. Growing up in today's world is not easy trying to deal with things like peer pressure, drugs and gangs. Building up self confidence in our younger generation gives them the ability to resist these pressures. Giving them the skills and encouragement to face these challenges in a family-oriented environment is extremely important at Sung Lee TaeKwonDo Academy. Children are our future. Give them the opportunity to become good people and to make our world a better place.