Program Environment

Healthy Minds

To encourage the development of a healthy mind, staff provide programming based on the interests of the children that encourages them to use their knowledge and skills.  To help with growth in such areas, challenges are also regularly provided that require the children to use problem solving skills to overcome obstacles.   Challenges may take the form of individual activity adjustments or larger tasks that require team work and/or cognitive thinking to succeed.


During the school year, Character Education occurs with a different value examined each month.  In addition to discussions concerning each value, opportunities are provided regularly for the children to practice and demonstrate what they have learned.  


Time is also taken throughout the year for the children to learn about various cultural and social activities and events.  Planned to coincide with school activities or separately in lieu of such, recognition of these cultural/social events occurs through discussion and engaging program activities.  Through providing such to the children, staff assist them in learning more about the community and world surrounding them and help the children to become more knowledgeable and respectful individuals. 

Healthy Bodies

Children are provided the opportunity to participate in physical activities on a daily basis.  As with all program activities, these activities are selected to reflect the interests and experiences of the children.  In addition to using the Taekwondo Gym to play games, the children may be taken to one of the surrounding green areas within the community to play or do so in spaces made available within the program or mall environments. 


On non-school days, time permits greater opportunity for gross motor activities to occur in a variety of ways such as:

- The children enjoying one of a number of community playgrounds;

- Visits to Patricia Lake in Griesbach or other engaging green spaces;

- Seasonal activities scheduled when the weather permits such as sledding in the winter and spray parks in the summer;

- Field trips which include a variety of different physical activities.


In addition to the above, the children are also encouraged to participate in shortened fun based Taekwondo Classes where they learn some basic Taekwondo skills in a fun and relaxed environment.  Those who wish to sign up for the formal lessons may do so and receive bonus classes for being enrolled in both Taekwondo and child care at the same time.  


The centre has an open-door policy, meaning that family members and visitors may visit and interact with the children and staff during operational hours.  In addition to providing this opportunity for interactions, special activities are planned throughout the year for families to participate in so that they may be able to socialize with one another, form bonds, and build a community of support.

General community members also play an important part of the centre's success as interactions with them help the children develop additional social skills and aid in developing a sense of helping others.  To make the children aware of the community surrounding them, activities are planned that enable them the chance to interact with businesses and services within Northgate Centre and the surrounding area such as shopping for supplies, touring businesses, and having the opportunity to Trick or Treat around the mall on Halloween. 

Visits have also occurred in the past to nearby Capital Care Dickinsfield where the children socialized and interacted with the elderly residents there. 

Additional community related activities that the children have participated in include picking up garbage around Northgate’s exterior to help the environment and organizing and participating in various donation drives to help benefit the less fortunate.   

During the school year, partnerships are developed with the schools the children attend so that communication can occur without difficulty and assistance provided when necessary.


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