Before and After School Care: Healthy Bodies

Children are provided the opportunity to participate in physical activities on a daily basis.  As with all program activities, these activities are selected to reflect the interests and experiences of the children.  In addition to using the Taekwondo Gym to play games, the children may be taken to one of the surrounding green areas within the community to play or do so in spaces made available within the program or mall environments. 


On non-school days, time permits greater opportunity for gross motor activities to occur in a variety of ways such as:

- The children enjoying one of a number of community playgrounds;

- Visits to Patricia Lake in Griesbach or other engaging green spaces;

- Seasonal activities scheduled when the weather permits such as sledding in the winter and spray parks in the summer;

- Field trips which include a variety of different physical activities.


In addition to the above, the children are also encouraged to participate in shortened fun based Taekwondo Classes where they learn some basic Taekwondo skills in a fun and relaxed environment.  Those who wish to sign up for the formal lessons may do so and receive bonus classes for being enrolled in both Taekwondo and child care at the same time.