Sung Lee Taekwondo is an awesome place to learn and to have fun at Martial Arts. I have been attending classes for almost three years and Sung Lee Taekwondo has helped me with my flexibility and strength. Sung Lee Taekwondo instructors are amazing and classes are really fun. I recommend Sung Lee Taekwondo to everyone and I look forward to seeing more people join and have fun together.

Felix Hernandez (Ellerslie)

Sung Lee Taekwondo changed me in ways I didn't think possible. When I started, I was the definition of a problem child; not academically but with a lack of discipline.

SaBumNim gave me a chance and direction when others weren't sure of what to do. It taught me discipline and helped me realize I could be better. Since then my life has only

been getting better and I am forever grateful.


Mikhail Biggs- Age: 14 (Main Dojang)

Knowing a family of 4 (Sale Family) who had all joined and spoke proudly of their Taekwondo Family, helped in steering us towards Sung Lee Taekwondo as an outlet for our twin boys to learn Discipline, Respect, and Focus. We had Mason and Landon attend a free trial class at the Ellerslie Do-Jang and were immediately taken in by the instructor Noah. His patience and ability to keep two very energetic boys on task has been amazing. The boys joined the panther program in Jan 2015 and are developing into young positive contributing members of our Community. Now that the boy’s servant in the Leadership Program, I can already see the influence that Noah and the other instructors have had on the boys as they learn to instruct and motivate the next group of individuals that have found a new family within Sung Lee Taekwondo.


Blair & Isabelle McNutt-Holland

We signed up our grandchildren at the west end location of Sung Lee Taekwondo 4 years ago.

This was one of the best decisions we made for them.

Thanks to the dedicated instructors and the well-designed curriculum the older ones grew into confident, caring teenagers with black belts and excellent leadership skills.

The very shy 4-year old blossomed into a confident 1st-grader who is comfortable performing her patterns and breaking boards in front of a large crowd at promotion tests and tournaments.

It’s definitely worth giving this gym a try and let them work their magic with your children.

Thank you again for giving our children confidence and self-esteem!


Mona Minchau

My daughter (34 years) and I (74 years) started together at Sung Lee Taekwondo Main Gym in October 2016 after attending both of my grandsons (10 & 11 years) over the last 5 years. And now my 5-year grandson has joined as well.
The instructors are patient, enthusiastic and teach with a perfect blend of discipline and fun. They are dedicated to helping every student become the best they can be.
The cost is nominal when you think of what you are learning in the way of confidence, self-defence, discipline, attentiveness and physical activity.
I would recommend Sung Lee Taekwondo to everyone, every age level and fitness level. The classes are fantastic! Instructors are great! And the staff are always friendly and helpful!
I encourage you to try it out. You will not be disappointed.

Dickie Family


Four years ago, our son's friend invited him to a trial class with Michelle Ma'am at the Ellerslie location of Sung Lee Taekwondo. Our son had a great time and my husband was thoroughly impressed by Michelle Ma'am's instruction. For 50 minutes she had a group of energetic and rambunctious boys focused and engaged; the level of respect she commanded was amazing. We signed a contract and Michelle Ma'am continued to impress us so much that we followed her when she was relocated to the Southside Gym. Now both of our sons are part of the Sung Lee Taekwondo family. In every class, they learn self-defence while improving their strength and coordination. We whole-heartedly believe that Taekwondo not only contributes to their physical development, but to their character development as well. Michelle Ma'am teaches her students about honour, patience, commitment, discipline, and perseverance. Sung Lee students are taught to be strong individuals who positively contribute to their community. Perhaps most importantly, over the years, Michelle Ma'am has taken time to show interest in our sons, as she does with all of her students. She has held them accountable for their choices when it was necessary, and she has been a source of reassurance and comfort when they have felt anxious. I am forever grateful to Michelle Ma'am and the rest of the Sung Lee Taekwondo staff for the positive influence this organization continues to have on our family.

Kimberly Bentz